Casino and Monte Carlo Nights

How It Works:
Air Play Events offers casino packages to fit your budget. All proceeds are based on donations. Each person is given a voucher which is exchanged for play money, chips and tokens to enjoy the games. After 3 hours, the remaining amounts are used to receive raffle tickets and prizes are given away in exchange for the play money.

Blackjack Table(stand, chips, shoe deck, chip tray)    $ 85.00

Craps Table(stand, chips, 2 sets of dice, 1 stick, on/off pucks, chip tray)    $155.00

Roulette Table & Wheel(stand, marker, chips)    $135.00

Poker Table(seats 8)    $100.00

Giant Slot Machine(11 feet tall slot machine swirls money, fliers, or balloons for contestants to grab)    $295.00

Tuxedoed Dealers    $120.00/3 hours

*Please note Travel, Delivery, Nighttime,  & Extended Event Time Charges may apply